Mu Xianhui | International Capital Conference

15th & 21st June 2021 


Mu Xianhui

Position: Founder of Wuliang Island, Deputy secretary general of China Education Industrial and Financial Innovation Alliance

To realize the rise of Chinese commerce, Teacher Mu founded the Wuliang Island, a high-end business circle. This platform adheres to the great mission of leading entrepreneurs to Daooism by doing business, relying on the powerful influence of China Education Industrial and Financial Innovation Alliance, combining with hundreds of local governments and the first-rate venture companies, integrating industry leading enterprises, to build the first

"Commercial Enlightenment" group of entrepreneurs, and the commercial club with the most powerful influence.

China Education Industrial and Financial Innovation Alliance is under the instruction of The Investment Association of China. It is jointly invested by Mu Xianhui founding team together with Chinese famous institutional investors, financial groups, and new media organisations.

It is a professional organization providing services of enterprise transformation and upgrading, industry chain establishment, industry park implementation, financial services for distinctive town declaration, PPP model, policy interpretation, policy dividends, financing, merge and reorganization, public consultation, and follow-up service of industry funds and government guide funds.