Jochum Haakma | International Capital Conference

15th & 21st June 2021 


Jochum Haakma

Position: Chairman, Board of the NCH (Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion), NL-China Business Council, EU-China Business Association in Brussels 

Mr. Jochum Haakma, a lawyer and former career diplomat and an expert in a.o. the field of Trade and investment Promotion, was assigned to a number of Dutch Embassies abroad, a.o. in 1986 as Commercial Counselor to The Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta, in 1989 in the private sector, as Director of the Indonesian Netherlands Association (de facto’ Ind.-NL C.O.C) in Jakarta.  

In 1995 he followed a post-doctorate course at Harvard Business School. 

From 1997 - 2006 he served as Consul-General in resp. Hong Kong/Macao and Shanghai. In 2006 he was appointed Managing Director of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs in The Netherlands.  

In Sept. 2007 he moved to the private sector and was appointed Global Executive Director Business Development of the TMF Group BV in Amsterdam, responsible for the business development and branding of TMF worldwide. TMF Group is a global independent management and accounting outsourcing firm with 140 offices in over 85 countries. 

Concurrently he is :  

Chairman of the Board of the NCH (Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion) 

Chairman of the NL-China Business Council 

Chairman of EU-China Business Association in Brussels 

former Chairman of the China Group of the HFC (Holland Financial Centre) 

former President of the Europe Council of NCH 

Vice President of the Board of AmCham NL 

member of the International Steering Committee of Nyenrode University 

Advisory Board Member of ChinaLux 

Advisory Member of a number of China related institutions and a frequent guest speaker or commentator in the media on Far East related affairs 

For many years he wrote a monthly column about cultural differences in the China Times 

former Chief Advisor Public Affairs European Region for Huawei Technologies Co Ltd 

He is Non-Executive Director with Amesto Global LLC  

Member of the Board of Ambassadors of Hemingway 


In 2012 he received an honorary Doctorate Degree of the European University in Barcelona (Spain).