ICC Speakers: | International Capital Conference

15th & 21st June 2021 


Past speakers include:

Long Yongtu

Co-Chairman, ICC; Former Vice Minister of Commerce, China; Former Secretary General, Boao Forum for Asia

Jean-Pierre Raffarin

co-Chairman, ICC; Former Prime Minister, France; Special Representative of the French Government for China; Chairman, Fondation Prospective et Innovation

Wu Lebin

Chairman Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co. Ltd (CAS Holdings)

Matthew Astill

CEO, Cavendish Group International

Qi Wei

CEO, CAS Quantum Network Co., Ltd

Wang Ge

Founding Partner Cash Capital (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Zhu Huiye

Vice President The Investment Consulting Special Committee of IAC

Yu Yong

Chairman, Hesteel Group

Jens Eskelund

Managing Director, Maersk China Ltd

Jun Zeng

Managing Partner & General Manager of Chinese Academy of Sciences Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd.

Victor Ho

Partner, Allen & Overy

Nick Johnston

Managing Director, Regional Board Member Asia, Commerzbank

Dennis Bracy

Chief Executive Officer, US-China Clean Energy Forum

Mark Beilby

Chairman, Meetoo

Koos Tesselaar

Chairman, Cavendish Group, Vice Chairman NIBC Bank, and Chairman Hemingway Corporate Finance

Benjamin Crawford

Counsel, Allen & Overy – Beijing

Sun Yongfu

Former Director General, European Affairs Department, MOFCOM

Charles Daulon du Laurens

Partner, Idinvest Partners 

Yin Zonghua

Vice Chairman CCPIT、CCOIC

Darren Xia

Head of International Capital, JLL North Asia 

Marco Leporati

Managing Director, Savino Del Bene

Mu Xianhui

Founder of Wuliang Island, Deputy secretary general of China Education Industrial and Financial Innovation Alliance

Lionel Baraban


Jochum Haakma

Chairman, Board of the NCH (Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion), NL-China Business Council, EU-China Business Association in Brussels 

Frédéric Poupeau

Managing Director, Forsee Power China    

Jeremy Browne

International Business Ambassador, Aberdeen Standard Investments 

Marc Frappier

Managing Partner, Eurazeo Capital

Thierry Fornas

Chairman and Co-founder, EcoAct

Ge Yang

Senior Content Planner, FTChinese.com

Lu Yichuan

Program Director of the Clean Power Program, Energy Foundation China 

Ou Xiaoli

Director General of Social Development Department, NDRC

Pierre-Olivier Mahieu

Partner, Allen & Overy

Stéphane Aver

Chief Executive Officer, Aaqius

Du Wenhui

Director of Research and Development, EDF China

Jiang Tao

Vice President, GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited

Zhang Jianwei

Former Vice Chairman of Sinotrans & CSC Holding Co., Ltd; Executive Chair of ICC China Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation

Charles Liu

Chairman, HAO International