Zhu Huiye | International Capital Conference

15th & 21st June 2021 


Zhu Huiye

Position: Vice President The Investment Consulting Special Committee of IAC

The domestic representative expert in both theoretical and practical experience of the strategy, capital and mode. He has been as Vice president of China investment association, Secretary General of industry and financial innovation platform, Chief architect of national industry and financial innovation alliance, General judges of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Ministry of Science and Technology, researcher of Financial Industry Research Center of Peking University; Associate Director of China International urbanization strategic development committee of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Advisor of International Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YBC), Senior entrepreneur Advisor of RENMIN University of China, Consultant of China Youth Entrepreneurship Program, Successive Executive Vice Secretary- General of Chinese Enterprise Association Enterprise Culture Construction Committee, Chief Convener of Assessment Committee, Responsible person of thematic group of National large soft topic “Chinese style management, Venture Contest Judges of “Twenty-first Century Economic Report“, Laboratory Distinguished Experts, Vice Chairman of Peking University Real Estate Alumni Association, Chief Adviser of Century Famous Pulpit, Adjunct Professor of PEKING University, TSINGHUA University, BEIJING JIAOTONG University, Central Enterprises Training Instructor of State Department SASAC.